Window Replacement A Beginner’s Guide to DIY

Window Replacement

Window Replacement:

Our windows are very prone to wear and tear as they are used in the most aggressive way possible. Windows are the most crucial part of our home as it increases the home’s efficiency to a great deal and provides natural lighting and ventilation in the home, elevating the look and aesthetic of your home. Homes with old, broken, outdated windows look dark and gloomy. Therefore, it is important to get window replacement from time to time to make sure that your home looks modern and great.

Window replacement is a great investment, especially if you plan to resale the home. According to a survey, it has been proved that window replacement can bring an 80% return on investment. The window replacement will update your home’s entire vibe and elevate comfort, home value, and looks.

Window replacement is necessary because the older your windows get, the more inefficient they become. Over time, windows become leaky due to the constant wear and tear. This means that the heating and cooling of your home would be leaking through it. Such windows look super bad and outdated and are also the reason for your higher electrical bills.

From appearance to saving money, the window replacement can be extremely beneficial. Now it may seem that window replacement is a tough and challenging task. Yes, we highly suggest hiring professional window replacement services like Glass Busters to ensure that the work is carried out most safely. However, this does not mean that you cannot DIY the window replacement. By using common everyday life carpentry tools, you can carry out a proper window replacement over the weekend.

Here is the beginner guide for the DIY window replacement to help you achieve new sleek windows without calling any professional for help.

The Materials

If you are starting your DIY window replacement, first thing first, you need to choose the material for your new windows. Mentioned below are the three main materials for the windows that provide a great look along with the energy efficiency one needs.

This is the most affordable option, and the windows made up of vinyl look extremely great and classy. The best thing about these windows is that they offer great protection from moisture.

Fiberglass is a little costly, but it is one of the best and most reliable options as the fiberglass windows are strong, and hence they do not crack or break down easily.

Wood windows are the epitome of grace and beauty. They are the most expensive as well, but they provide stylish and beautiful windows. They are great insulators which makes them the best.

Let’s dive right into the window replacement procedure now.

Measure Window

Your DIY window replacement project will begin with measurements. If you want to make sure that your window replacement turns out successful and functional, you need to make sure that you take accurate measurements to know how big your new window should be. Begin to measure the jambs on the left and right sides, measure the middle and bottom of the window, and lastly, the width and height. The accurate measurements play a crucial role in getting perfect window replacement.

Take Off the Sash

If you have a sash window, remove your old sash from the window frame. Now, this is the tricky and a bit dangerous part, so make sure you check whether the sash is coming out easily or do you have to pry it off. Mostly, you would need to unscrew the sash and pry it off; therefore, be careful and wear gear for protection.

Next, you have to press in hard on the jamb liner to pull the top sash forward and tilt it to get it free from jamb liners.

Remove Jamb Liners

So now that your window is free from the sash, it is time to remove the jamb liners. You will find the jamb liners inside of a window frame. Taking them out is not easy; therefore, use a flat bar to pry them out. Once it’s out, you will see interior and exterior casting in there; leave them intact.

Remove Window

Now that the little part of the windows is removed, it is time to pry out the entire larger piece of the window. We advise you to take assistance from someone because holding and prying off a large window is challenging. The technique to use here is to ask your assistant to stand out to catch it when you push the window outward. If you find it difficult to push the window out or feel stuck, you need to tap on the sides to loosen it up. Once the window is loose and ready to fall, pull it out from outside.

Caulk the Opening

Once the entire window is out, and the new window is ready to go, make sure you check if there are any openings. If you see some, caulk them so that there is no leakage after window replacement. Just to be on the safe side, you can apply two rounds of caulk around the windowsill.

Install New Window

Lastly, it is time to put in the new window. Set the bottom of the new window into the sill and press the window hard and tightly against the exterior. Fasten it up with screws and paint it if you want.