Mirrors & Shower Glass

Shower Doors

Clear Glass Shower Doors—Standard clear glass is the most popular option as it is modern and easy to clean. It has a mild green tint.

Low-Iron Shower Glass—Sometimes referred to as HD glass, this is a high-end clear option that has minimal green tint ensuring lifelike color when looking through the glass.

Frosted & Opaque Glass Shower Doors—A sandblasted glass with a white finish. It is still sheer but offers a bit more privacy than clear glass.

Tinted Glass Shower Doors—Grey and bronze are popular colors for tinted shower doors. Still sheer and clear but the tinting may better match your interior design.

Rain Glass Shower Doors—Rain glass is textured on the inside and has a rain pattern on the outer side. A decorative option that offers more privacy than clear or frosted glass. The rain patterned outer side is more challenging to clean.

Textured Glass Shower Doors—If rain glass isn’t right for you there are a variety of standard and custom glass patterns to choose from. The patterned outer side is more difficult to clean.

A traditional sliding door may be the best choice if you don’t have room for your door to swing open. More modern than a shower curtain but you’ll have to keep the frame clean.

A shower screen is more modern and stylized than a traditional sliding door and will fit easily into small bathrooms. It’s a bi-fold design that folds in to open and close so your shower must be wide enough for entry.

This type of door swings opens like a traditional shower door, which may not work in small bathrooms. It is modern and easy to clean as there is no frame.

How To Choose The Right Shower Glass For Your Bathroom

No need to feel overwhelmed with loads of options discussed earlier as the tips below will
help you to narrow down your options according to your requirements.

Know Your Budget and Pricing

Begin by determining your budget beginning with framed or frameless shower doors and which type of glass suits your budget? Either you want to go for simple tempered glass or a glass with design patterns and glass comes with a colored option is your choice. of course more features and specifications you add will increase the cost

Know Your Space

You never want entering or exiting the shower to feel cramped or claustrophobic, so determine not only the measurements of your shower but how much room there is to open your shower door. If your shower is not a standard square or rectangular shape you may need a frameless shower door to accommodate your custom shape.

What are Your Expectations?

Clear your mind, for what are you conscious about and what end-result you exactly want? Either it’s the ease of cleaning, ease of use, or best fit in your space and whether you want your shower to be a standout in terms of design or just a standard shower to update your bathing space.


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